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Modern sales support software

Applications for commercial and service companies, available on iOS and Android, supporting strategic activities at single or multiple points of sale thanks to variable data monitoring. Facilitating decision-making on undertaking promotional activities and gathering sales data on current trends among your own group of consumers.

Fiscal and contact less payments

Fiscal devices are necessary to conduct retail sales to physical customers. Any company that plans to sell must, at some point, take into account an investment involving the purchase of a cash register or a fiscal printer. Furthermore, the terminal for handling payment cards is an inherent element of this investment. In our offer you will find both classic terminals and modern iPOS terminals and cash registers. The full offer, with the option of online ordering and service consultation, is available in our online store. We guarantee fast delivery and the highest level of post-sales service. A specialized service in our company will provide you with professional consultation in the preparation of customer service through multiple POS management and data gathering.

CCTV systems with on-line access

CCTV online systems include access to real-time video. From anywhere on Earth – all you need is a smartphone! Our system allows you to oversee your business or private property using modern solutions which are 100% safe from a cyber security perspective . Among our portfolio. we’ve configured systems with alarms, remote audio communication, license plate recognition for automated gate control, and many more.

Implementation of ERP systems

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is an IT system supporting resource management. It allows the implementation of managerial functions in all functional areas of the company (production, sales, etc.), however, the main area of support, and the basis for functioning and processing in these systems, is the broadly defined area of finance.

Registration of Work Time

Simple attendance tracking via smartphone.

All you need to do is set up your phone / tablet in your company, and employees can register the start / end of working time with a card and / or access code.

Do not worry about filling out the job cards, our systems will do everything for you!

IT training

Implementation of closed IT training – tailored to specific companies, industries or workplaces – is nothing new. Virtually every company offers adjustment of the training program to customer suit requirements. Without this very important aspect, you can lose a lot of business, not to mention the negative impact on customer satisfaction. In our offer you will find customized training for each age group.